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Hello! My name is Marta Eichstaedt, and I?m the driving force behind Webcomm Interactive ? an agency specialising in online marketing. We produce websites, carry out SEO operations, conduct online advertising campaigns (display, e-mail marketing) and implement content marketing measures. You?ll find the details here.

Appraising the effectiveness of measures we propose to our clients, and measures we implement for them, is very important to me!

I believe perfect client service is crucial. You can contact us at any time, not just during so-called office hours; we are always prepared for solving our customer?s problems.

During the first 10 years of my career I was involved with businesses on the B2B market (in the construction, industrial automation and power generation sectors), and so the fact that our clients are businesses operating in precisely such sectors is quite natural.

The brands we render services for include: Siniat (formerly Lafarge Gips), Synevo, Roche Diagnostics, Bureau Veritas Certification, and Krynica Vitamin.

Because of our familiarity with the German market, we draw up online marketing strategies for those Polish businesses keen on making an entry there. We also design German-language websites, making sure the texts are written by professional copywriters for whom German is their native tongue.

Thank you for reading through to the end of this brief introduction. Should you feel there?s anything I can do for you, just let me know.

Marta Eichstaedt

Marta Eichstaedt

owner of the company

Specialising in utilising modern methods of reaching clients in B2B (webinars, screencasts, videos, animations). Fascinated with Internet analytics. When planning online advertising and e-PR campaigns, as well as when designing websites, she makes sure they provide her clients with data on their online users? behaviour. Also runs the company Webcomm, specialising in the organising of webinars.

Also working in team:


Key Account Manager, dealing with customer service.


manages the websites, writes PR and SEO texts.


responsible for graphics on webpages.


busy in the area of motion design.


program databases and code in css and html.

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