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Online advertising

We design and implement online marketing measures, and attach a great deal of importance to the monitoring and optimising of online marketing campaigns. Once a campaign is over, we present our client with a report plus suggestions for optimising further measures.

In our online advertising work:

  • We monitor the online market, reporting on steps taken by the competition and the activities of potential target groups
  • We select online media enabling achievement of clients? marketing goals and budget optimisation. We develop media plans
  • We monitor media plan implementation by publishers, optimising as and when necessary
  • We report on the effects of online campaigns, indicating opportunities for optimising
  • We create flash banners, mailings and other forms of online advertising
  • We produce animations and training videos for YouTube and websites
  • We build and manage databases of your customers
  • We run Adwords campaigns, including on YouTube, and campaigns in the RTB model (real time bidding)
  • We organise campaigns involving bloggers and opinion leaders

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A website is the keystone of online marketing. We combine three in one: building up website strategy, its creation, and the technology.
We design pages based on friendly and easy-to-use CMSs, i.e. content management systems. We work on the likes of WordPress and Joomla, and code websites using HMTL, CSS and PHP.
As a standard we offer responsive sites that display well on computer screens as well as on mobile devices.

We deal with every stage of website production, and later positioning and maintenance:

  • We analyse website traffic (A/B tests, analysis of current state based on Google Analytics)
  • We write the texts for websites, and optimise your texts for positioning (SEO copywriting)
  • We design information architecture
  • We design the graphics for websites
  • We program all functions available on websites
  • We guarantee client service for the websites created
  • We draw up user-friendly reports in Google Analytics, and determine the Google Analytics parameters so that our clients will be able to make optimum use of this tool?s power for developing their business
  • We position websites and optimise existing websites in regard to SEO

Here you can check websites we created for our clients.

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Search Engine Marketing ? SEM

We only acknowledge the colour white (White Hat) in our SEO measures, and as such our clients can rest assured that the content we prepare will improve their visibility in the Google search engine, that it will generate interest among web users and increase brand and product awareness.

In our SEM work:

  • We deal with SEO Copywriting ? and write press releases, sponsored articles, advice and website texts, all in keeping with SEO principles
  • We position websites ? optimising website code and content, analysing keywords, analysing the competition, ensuring Google Analytics configuration, and analysing the quality of website traffic
  • We create content using a variety of online tools and software. We use infographics, webinars, animations and videos (including training videos), articles providing advice, multimedia presentations in Prezi and other tools

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Content Marketing

We create valuable content for brands, products and services, and within internal communication. We match how content is presented and its quantity to the requirements of the target groups.
We write the copy for all forms of marketing content, and when necessary collaborate with experts in a particular field. We create the graphics, deal with the production, and then take care of the online promotion of the content.

The means we use include such as:

  • Webinars and web-conferences, providing an opportunity for communication with customers in real time over the Internet
  • Infographics, animations, videos, screencasts and Prezi presentations
  • Thematic Internet pages (minisite, landing page) ? we create them, create their content, but also do the coding
  • Competitions (including those testing knowledge) based on online solutions
  • Running channels for businesses and brands on YouTube and Vimeo, as well as clients? accounts on Pinterest

Here you can check examples of content marketing projects we created for our clients.

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